Please check out these videos, some of my favorites to help you see the diversity and intensity of Irish Dance! 


Riverdance 1994 - Where my inspiration started!!

TapTronic - Fast Irish Footwork to Modern Beats

It doesn’t Get Better than The Chieftans and Michael Flatley.

Classic, Impressive, Inspiring

I was lucky to tour with many of these innovative dancers and the Amazing Choreographer Alan KenNifick

The opening number of Riverdance. One of my favorite numbers in the show to watch and perform.

In over 20 years trading taps in Riverdance has recieved a standing ovation every night

I was lucky to tour the world with This show. Choreographed by my Teacher Michael Ryan. The female lead Deirdre Kiely is one of my all time favorite dancers.

Elegant and Strong. This routine from Feet of Flames by world Champion Bernadette Flynn is perfection.

World Champion Claire Greaney’s Musicality, Grace and athleticism are unmatched.

Before Riverdance! These three original leads join together on stage!

I saw this show in NYC for my 17th birthday! Jean Butler and Colin Dunne had some beautiful CHOREOGRAPHY in Dancing on dangerous ground

Check out Some of the best examples of why this is a sport!

In competition the male and female dancers get to be strong!

One of my favorite clips from the Fusion Fighters created by fellow Riverdance cast member Chris Naish. Performed at the Worlds in 2017, this performance is exuberant and brings together talent from several generations.

Classic Clip from 1972. Celine Hession & Donncha O Muimhneacháin Showing us how its done. Celine Teaches in galway and runs the famed hession school. many of her students are world champions and riverdance stars. Claire Greaney in the clip above is also her student.

Some of the impressive talent from the North American Championships 2018.

If you haven’t already seen it…. Here is one of the Irish Dance Documentaries from a few years back. Thankfully costumes have changed for the better in my opinion!

My first teachers before I moved to Ireland were Jen Nagle McGovern and Alison Nagle Keane of the denogla school, who were taught by Peter Smith. Peter smith was is a legend and a founder of Irish Dance in the Midatlantic region. He was a student of the McNiff school featured here. Most of the dancers in this video became leading figures, adjudicators and teachers in North America.

Trinity Irish Dance company always inspires me with their decades of choreographic innovation!

What makes our art form so special is that it is rooted in history.