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All payments and registrations are processed through Studio Director Software

When registering for classes for the first time you will be asked to fill out a registration form.

Email to receive this form and additional information.


For your first class you will be required to have your registration form and payment. Students should wear comfortable and appropriate work out gear. Athletic shoes or ballet flats are acceptable before Irish Dance shoes are purchased. Also do not forget to bring water! Soft shoe dances are learned first before students advance to the percussive hard shoe dances.


At the McKeever School of Irish Dance you are not required to be involved competitively in Irish Dance. Feiseanna ("Fesh- Ana" plural) or a Feis ("Fesh" singular) are the terms used for competitions that allow dancers to compete and move up the ranks in order to achieve a champion level status. Regional and International level competitions are called an Oireachtas ("Or-Rock-Tas") and are only competed in when dancers qualify depending on their competitive level. Competition allows students to set goals and see progress as they earn trophies and medals. It does however require investment in costuming and accessories.

WHo can join?

Beginner classes are for ages 4-19. Anyone older is encouraged to join our Adult classes. Please contact us if you are interested in Adult classes, we are creating new classes depending on the demand. You do not have to have Irish heritage to be an Irish dancer! All are welcomed and encouraged to join. Your registration form requires you to disclose if you have competed and danced under another Irish dance school. We follow the rules of An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha with regard to transfer students and competition. It is encouraged that you disclose this information so that we can respect our fellow An Coimisiún teachers. 


To join the McKeever School of Irish Dance, email and tell us more about your dance background. We will find a class that fits or put you on the waiting list as well as sending you a registration form to bring with you to your first class. 


The McKeever School of Irish Dance has two beginner costumes. The first (for girls) is a black long-sleeve, turtleneck leotard and black skirt with a red cape and red sash. You will be potentially required to purchase this costume when performing and starting to compete. Our next level of costume is a handmade team costume with special Celtic embroidery. This is made by a talented local dressmaker Mags Gogarty. This dress requires a fitting and a few months to complete, it is an investment that can be resold to dancers within the school. For male dancers our costume is black pants, black dress shirt and red tie. When a dancer is reaching a higher level of competition, usually the Prizewinner through Champion levels, they are advised to invest in a solo costume. These are usually elaborate, personalized costumes that help distinguish the dancer among their competitors. The McKeever School of Irish Dance requires the teacher's approval before costumes are purchased, however we do not force any family to buy from a specific dressmaker like other schools. 


Irish dance has two different types of footwear, soft shoes or gillies and hard shoes or heavy shoes. These are usually purchased once a new dancer has decided to perform or compete and has really committed to the dance form. Hardshoe dances are generally not begun until a year into lessons depending on the age of the dancer. For information on shoemakers please visit the helpful links page.